Dr Timothy Ryan

Dr Timothy Ryan is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Bonsall, CA, United States & Newport Beach, California, United States


EFT Case Story: Terminated After 20 Years - Autogenic Energy EFT To The Rescue

Newly certified EFT Master Practitioner Timothy Ryan writes: The client is a sixty two year old athletic built female who came to the session saying she was grieving the loss of her employment where she was terminated suddenly after being employed for some twenty years. She said she received a form letter from her school district saying her services were no longer needed. She said she understood it was a financial decision but like everyone she never thought it would happen to her. She knew it was not meant to be personal but she was still hurt and in shock. She felt lost without direction and did not know what to do.

Clearing a Path for World Peace

Current GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner student Dr Timothy Ryan has put together an article which discusses the importance of humanity as a whole gaining awareness and understanding of the energy body  and techniques such as Energy EFT in order to overcome the troubles that currently afflict us.

Dr Ryan writes: It is my humble belief that overly stressed, fearful aspects are holding the dream world hostage right now. There is war, economic break down, famine and global unrest because of humanities' increasing stress and fracturing of consciousness, or should I say the the breakdown of collective energy body.

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